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Training Customized for You! 


Tax TakeOff was designed with this one goal:

Share with other tax professionals the what to do and what not to do in scaling your own small tax firm. 

Duke has been doing social media for the past 15 years and has learned hundreds of tips and tricks that have allowed my videos and posts to go viral. In turn, I have used that viral success in building a business that generates $40K - $100K/mo. and 90 - 200 new leads per week from social media alone. 

Not only does Duke want to teach you how he do this, but also wants to introduce you to exactly how Duke Tax practice is runned, provide you with tax training, and teach you how to run a profitable accounting firm. 

Tax TakeOff is designed to provide you with everything learned over the years and what we use within the firm. And as we continue to grow, you will grow with us.

Helping CPAs, EAs, and other tax professionals excel is my passion, and Duke wants to help you, too. 

Duke has have distilled his years of experience into a simple system called "Tax TakeOff" that will produce consistent results for my "TakeOff" students.


Tax TakeOff is a an immersive program where you learn about all the ins and outs of growing an accounting and tax firm.

The strategies in the program can be applied for all firms of any size and any niche.


Tax TakeOff has everything you need to have a successful tax and accounting business

Social Media Training

LIVE Q&A with Duke

Scripts and Templates

Tax Training

Basic Tax Planning Training

TaxDome Training

Onboarding (Sales) and CRM Training

Team Building Training


Duke Alexander Moore, CTC, EA, is a certified tax coach, enrolled agent, entrepreneur, and social media expert with 3.5 M followers across all social media platforms. He has been featured in major publications such as Good Morning America and CNN for his savvy and easy-to-understand tax advice. 

He has generated more than 452 million views and has built a tax firm from 14 clients to 869 clients within ten months. During the pandemic, he helped thousands of CPAs, EAs, and other tax professionals understand the tax changes and grow their practice.

Tax TakeOff was designed with this specific person in mind: 

Hunger for Knowledge
Community Minded
Prior Work Experience in Tax
Looking to Streamline 
Wants to Grow 
Understanding Social Media
Improving Communication
Team Growth and Building

Limited Time Offer
Talk to one of our Sales and Education Specialist
What You Can Expect
Step 1 - Intake Call with Tanya
She will send you a few documents to get you setup for success, 
you'll then get a 20 minute call to make sure we have a game plan for you.

Step 2 - Setting up your Accounts
Immediately after your call you'll get a few emails getting you access to the platforms we use in order to get setup for success.

Step 3 - Get the Apps!
Tax TakeOff has an Apple and Android App, 
download on your phone, your TV,  where ever so you can learn on the go! 

Step 4 - Start the Work 
You will have seasons with episodes to watch. 
Take the time to get familiar with the platforms, the flow of things, 
and before you know it, you will be implementing the proper structure for you to grow your business. 

Step 5 - Join in on the Live Training's
Get your questions in so Duke can have those ready for you. 
Use the message function in Lark to ask other members, 
this is a community we're building, leverage it. 



Disclaimer: I am not guaranteeing you will go viral, make millions of dollars, and have your face all over the news. But what I do know is this training will work for the few people that actually put in the work and take it seriously. 

I am literally going to show you every single thing that I do and I am not holding back.

So get ready for MASSIVE GROWTH in your accounting and tax firm! Most creators and tax pros that experience success often start with a plan. Do you have one?

Here is what we will focus on...

  • Making Great Content: Having great content or ideas is essential to your success on Social Media and lead generation. The "target content" you will create in the course will be the foundation for your growth and growing your practice
  • Accountability Coach: Being a tax pro and a content creator is not easy. Not only are you running a full blown tax business but you are doing the job of the director, producer, cinematographer, and editor all by yourself! This is why you need others that in your shoes, that understand the Tax TakeOff Way to guide you and encourage you. Having a great mentor doesn't hurt either.
  • Tools and Resources: Not only will you learn how to create great content you will also learn how to efficiently run your practice just like we do!
  • Mindset In the first week, you will learn what you do every single day matters. You will understand expectations, set goals, and learn tools to help you on your journey. Once your mindset changes, everything on the outside will change along with it.
  • ​Checking in With Yourself. We introduce you to the platform we use, Lark. If you do any type of content on TikTok, Lark will not only help you in getting organized for your tax and bookkeeping but also in getting your content pushed out in a timely manner. 
  • ​All things Tax Dome ($3,500 Value). In this third season, automation on getting things out to your client in a timely manner that makes sense for everyone. This gets your business up and running all on its own. 
  • ​Tax S Corp ($297 Value) In Season 4 you will learn the foundations and understanding of what it means to create and have an S Corp so that you can have those conversations with your client. This season helps you gain the basic knowledge for S Corp, learn how to right the questions, and know where to go to further your knowledge 
  • ​All things Social Media ($997) In this season, Duke discusses what to put on your social media, when, how, and what truly happens. This season talks about what systems, timing, and content resonates the most with potential clients. This season also discusses the lead generation mechanism that can be developed and how to qualify the leads that you are gaining through your following. 
  • ​Hiring and Team Building. How do you find the right team members? This season discusses how Duke Tax expanded, the good and the bad, and getting the right team dynamics that you want to create. This season also helps you in deciding if having contractors, full time employees, or virtual assistants is the route to go for you. 
  • Tech Stack. We introduce you to the tech stack we use and how it improves Duke Tax. We have not affiliations, these are the tools that we have found to have been game changers for us. 

Who this is Not For:

(1) People who Struggle with Accountability

(2) Expecting a Do It For You Service

(3) Not Willing To Trust the Process - even when that means to slow it down

(4) Comfortable being Comfortable

(5) Not a user of Tax Dome - we do not cover or discuss other accounting practice management platforms. We also do not get a kickback from Tax Dome by training on it. It is the system we use at Duke Tax that has been laid out to create a seamless experience for the client that will be shared with you! 

(6) No prior tax or accounting experience - you must have some education or experience.

Who this is For:

(1) People who want to be kept accountable - and it starts right off the bat with your agreement on what you are expected to do

(2) Willing to Put in the Work

(3) Knowing to Recognize they need to make change

(4) Ready for Change

(5) Has Tax Dome and wants to make it so automated that your business essentially starts running itself

(6) Be a part of a community that helps expands your own knowledge and be part of something bigger - who knows, you may find your next business partner or bestie here! 

What Are You Waiting For? 

Step 1 - Get Access

The first step is to purchase the course. 

Step 2 - Start Your Journey

The course official launch date is January 5th, 2024. 

Step 3 - Take Action

Actionable assignments that you can do to ensure that you are moving forward! 
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